Bedini SG Bicycle Wheel Kit for sale

What’s included… High quality laser cut ad […]

Bob Beck pulse Blood Electrification Unit for sale鲍勃贝克电磁脉冲血液电气化单元

The kit include all the things except the battery,becau […]

bedini SG 8 Transistor board for sale贝迪尼SG8三极管电路板出售

Bedini SG 8 Transistor Board 8三极管贝迪尼sg电路板,优质大板,预留散 […]


我的设备治疗方法: 治疗方法,把电极戴在腕部动脉或者腿部动脉并与动脉对齐,通电后,血管会有麻、跳感觉,旋转那个 […]

tesla switch pcb for sale特斯拉开关电路板出售

Base on bedini tesla switch circuit (Energy from t […]

Ferris Wheel-Bedini Cole PCB窗口电机 SSG电机驱动电路板

Bedini Cole  PCB窗口电机 SSG电机驱动电路板,已经预留至36V,可以安装三对功率三 […]

Bedini Capacitor Discharge Circuit or Large Comparator kits For Sale贝迪尼电容放电电路出售12V和24V两个版本可售

贝迪尼电容放电电路完全按照bedini出售的模块复制,完美破解。电路板500人民币,电路板加上配件800元,焊 […]

Bedini Rife machine/RPX combining amplifier

此次测试的是放大电路,rpx 的基础频率是1.544mhz,扫频模式(50khz-150khz,4vpp,Sq […]

Bedini Rife machine/RPX machine for sale

The original Bedini RPX machine have test for a long ti […]

bedini 2A12 teslacharger pcb and kit for sale

This double sided circuit board is designed base on bed […]

Crack bedini’s 2A12v charger 破解bedini的2A12V充电器

burn it on the fire 

3D Printed EZ Spin Motor For sale

The kit have 3D printed frame、12 coils、Maglev bearing、r […]

Anything China production you want,i can help you and give you a good price。

Anything China production you want,i can help you and g […]

bedini-cole windows motor circuit pcb for sale(bipolar switch)

pcb is designed base on bedini and rick version of bipo […]

bedini sg coils for sale

8x20AWG+1x23AWG 130"  $100    shipp […]

bedini SG matched transistors for sale

These MJL21194 NPN transistors are perfect for your nex […]

bedini SG和窗口电机秘密资料10

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