Rife machine M.O.P.A. for sale ,more output power than GB4000 MOPA

The basic principle of the MOPA I made is the same as the GB4000 MOPA, but the plasma tube can output more power. The following are the differences from GB4000 MOPA: 1.The output power of the plasma tube is greater than the GB4000 MOPA, whether it is the length between the tube electrodes or the […]

China RPX V2.0 (Rife machine)

BEDINI RPX V2.0  SIDEBAND GENERATOR(Rife machine) NEW China RPX is not US version,Its basic principle is based on bedini’s RPX (Rife-Priore-Bedini) books and videos, and has been improved through many actual biological experiments to verify its effect. The specific features are as follows: Power supply voltage: 12V battery or power supply There are many kinds of carrier […]

Bob Beck Brain Tuner for sale 失眠治疗仪

Bob Beck Brain Tuner Features: Power supply: 9V battery Color: option 1 white+orange, option 2  black+gray Frequency mode: Option 1: Three modes MODE 1-3 (550 uS pulse width) Mode 1: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, Output = 1 Second ON, 1 Second OFF (0.5 Hz) Mode 2: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, Output […]

Circuit for High-power Linkage Socket Master-slave Control Power Strip

Used to modify the power strip or socket by yourself. When the power of the main outlet is greater than 300w, the controlled outlet starts to supply power; otherwise, the controlled outlet is out of power. Circuit board size: length, width and height 49mm*33mm*20mm Suitable voltage: AC 220V Main socket: 300W-2500W Controlled socket power: within […]

The circuit design of the Japanese electromagnetic wave canceller(REM8) is completed

Japanese electromagnetic wave canceller REM8, ready to crack its circuit

Japanese electromagnetic wave canceller REM8, ready to crack its circuit。

Anti-Aging Frequency,Why does my brain tuner use 9.5hz or 10Hz

The Anti-Aging machine technology described herein is known as the EarthPulse™ sleep & performance enhancement system [ http://www.earthpulsetechnologies.com ]. It represents nothing less than a breakthrough in the science of anti-aging. This novel anti-aging machine provides methods that expose the entire body to night-long sessions of very-weak, pulsed DC electromagnetic fields, mimicking those fields measurable within the […]

New product in April

1.Electromagnetic wave (EMF) canceller Features: 1. Eliminate the electromagnetic interference wave generated by the system 2, ultra-thin, 4.2V lithium battery or 4 sections 1.5V battery suitable for the various types of models Scope of application: HIFI and AV type type electric appliance products Application Principle: Generate “notch”, cancel the electromagnetic wave generated by the transformer […]

Explorations of the Bedini Ferris Wheel Motor Energizer video update

Air purifier ozone ultraviolet negative ion

This air purifier uses a built-in UVC light source, which is safe and leak-free. It produces 35mg ozone per hour. It uses a 7-blade silent fan and a three-dimensional air duct to quickly sterilize the indoor air through the built-in ultraviolet rays. The killing rate of influenza viruses and coronaviruses As high as 99%. Parameter: […]

Anion air purifier video update(Smoke removal, sterilization, prevention of COVID-19)

order link:http://www.zyneng.com/?p=2484

Dr Robert O. BECKER Silver Ionotophoresis 鲍勃贝克银离子/胶体银

“Silver Helps Regrow Tissues in Hundreds of Patients – Destroyed Cells Regenerate With Silver-Based Procedure” by Samuel Etris Senior Technical Consultant to The Silver Institute Silver can help regenerate human cells that have been destroyed by disease or damaged in accidents. The silver-based procedure has been so successful in clinical tests, that one patient who […]

Blood Electrification vs AIDS 血液电疗治疗艾滋病的故事

The Story of Blood Electrification by Ken Adachi The Discovery In the Fall of 1990, two medical researchers, Drs.William Lyman and Steven Kaali, working at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City made an important discovery. They found that they could inactivate the HIV virus by applying a low voltage direct current electrical potential […]

How to use China RPX V2.0 video update

China RPX V3.0 Bluetooth version video update

Bob Beck brain tuner update

three frequency 0.5hz/7.8hz/9.5hz ,111hz and 1Khz for modulation, two pulse widths of 55% and 22% are available for selection.  

China RPX V3.0 Bluetooth version(Rife machine)

NEW China RPX V3.0 is  RPX V2.0 update Bluetooth version(Rife machine),Its basic principle is based on bedini’s RPX  (Rife-Priore-Bedini)books and videos, and has been improved through many actual biological experiments to verify its effect. The specific features are as follows: Power supply voltage: 12V battery or power supply There are many kinds of carrier frequency […]

bedini 10A12 teslacharger kit for sale

Base on which Bedini charger 10A12,and his patent。 price :$200 +shipping cost Bedini charger 10A12 Teslacharger PCB Bedini Teslacharger 10A12V Picture update

rife machine kill microorganisms video update


Rife MOPA panel and overall introduction. Similar to GB4000 MOPA.Video update 

video update   

1.544MHz carrier frequency Rife machine

Design and customization for German customers。 YouTube video  

GB4000 MOPA Rife Machine Improve,more power output

youtube video

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