Bedini 4-wave mixing machine for sale

Because so far, I’ve found that no one on the Int […]

hand electrodes multiwave mixing machine癌症治疗仪

NO NEED SELECT frequency or sweep,The world’s mos […]

SOTA Magnetic Pulser Model MP6 research磁脉冲治疗仪拆解

Today, I opened the mp6 device and studied this magneti […]

高电势rife设备研究进展 high voltage rife machine


The results of Abrams oscillator test

经过反复测试bedini视频中的Abrams oscillator 电路,发现他的电路没有所谓声称的效果,需要 […]


Recently, I have been studying high-potential therapy. […]

Plasma rife machine kills microorganisms


International payment methods have changed!!!

International customer payment methods have changed, fr […]

kill microorganisms by my multiwave mixing machine

microorganisms slowly explode,视频需翻墙看 […]

handelectrodes multiwave mixing machine Spectrum analysis癌症治疗仪频谱分析

治疗仪杀死未知微生物,尾巴很长kill unknown microbe


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