China RPX V3.0 Bluetooth version

NEW China RPX V3.0 is  RPX V2.0 update Bluetooth version,Its basic principle is based on bedini’s RPX books and videos, and has been improved through many actual biological experiments to verify its effect. The specific features are as follows:
Power supply voltage: 12V battery or power supply
There are many kinds of carrier frequency to choose from 1.544MHz, 3MHz, 3.072MHz,4MHz,5MHz,6MHz,the default is 3MHz/3.072MHz.
Bluetooth input frequency: 20Hz-20KHz COMS wave或Square wave,Duty cycle range: 0.1-99.9%。You can set the frequency you need through the mobile APP.(I do not provide an App, please download it in the app store or develop it yourself.)

Bluetooth module compatible with 5.0 and below。

Pump wave frequency:

a switch for ON/OFF.You can tell me the pump wave frequency you want to set, the default is about 8HZ.Once the frequency is set, it cannot be changed。

Output waveform: COMS wave after modulation + DC offset of pump wave or CMOS wave after modulation only, the highest peak-to-peak value is 25.2V or twice the input voltage. Maximum peak output current is 1.5A.

Note: This product cannot be connected to a frequency generator, it can only be connected with a mobile phone Bluetooth and provide frequency signals.

China RPX V3.0 Bluetooth version video update

International price: $ 200 + shipping cost (UPS or FEDEX)

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