Rife machine M.O.P.A. for sale ,more output power than GB4000 MOPA

The basic principle of the MOPA I made is the same as the GB4000 MOPA, but the plasma tube can output more power.

The following are the differences from GB4000 MOPA:
1.The working current of my device is less than 175mA, because the maximum working current of the 812A tube is 175mA. Exceeding this current will greatly shorten the life of the tube. This is the reason why the life of the 812A tube of the GB4000 MOPA is relatively short.

2.The output power of the plasma tube is greater than the GB4000 MOPA, whether it is the length between the tube electrodes or the brightness of the plasma tube can be clearly seen. The input current of the GB4000 MOPA can be seen from the ammeter, which obviously exceeds 200mA, but the reason why the lamp has low brightness and short length is that a large part of the power is wasted in the internal circuit. Basically all the power I made is used to output and ignite the plasma tube, so you can see that the brightness of the tube is very high.

3.The material of the plasma tube is different from that of the GB4000 MOPA. My tube is made of quartz, which has better light transmittance and is the same material as the original Rife tube.The plasma tube is 60cm long and 5cm in diameter. The recommended distance between the electrodes is 35cm.

4.It is not only suitable for GB4000 frequency generator, but also for feeltech frequency generator. As long as the input waveform is set to 10V-15V CMOS, it is also possible to change the square wave to CMOS with only positive pulse value by setting the DC bias.

Price: 2300 USD free shipping (including plasma tube )


Rife MOPA panel and overall introduction. Similar to GB4000 MOPA.Video update 

我制作的MOPA基本原理与GB4000 MOPA相同,但是等离子管能输出更多的功率。
以下是与GB4000 MOPA不同之处:
1.我的设备工作电流小于175mA,因为812A电子管最大工作电流是175mA,超过这个电流就会大大缩短电子管的寿命,这就是GB4000 MOPA的812A电子管寿命比较短的原因。
2.等离子管输出功率大于GB4000 MOPA,不管是管子电极间的长度,还是等离子管的亮度可以很明显的看出来。GB4000 MOPA的输入电流从电流表可以看到,很明显超过200mA,但是为什么灯管亮度低,长度短,原因是很大一部分功率浪费在内部电路中。而我制作的基本上全部功率都用来输出点亮等离子管,因此你能看到灯管亮度很高。
3.等离子管材质与GB4000 MOPA不同,我的灯管采用石英材质,具有更好的透光性,且与Rife原始灯管的材质相同。灯管长60cm,直径5cm,建议电极间的距离35cm。


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