Schumann wave resonance generator,Scalar wave

Schumann wave resonance generator
1Used in audio-visual space-improve sound field and audio-visual effects

2Used in the bedroom-to help sleep and calm the mind, treat insomnia

3Used in the office-relax and improve work efficiency

4Used in creative space-to increase creative inspiration

5Used for tea ceremony, spiritual cultivation, Zen enlightenment space-retreating body and mind

Schumann wave itself does not emit any sound, nor is it connected to other equipment, just plug it in and use it,

It does not directly affect the audio or video products to improve the sound quality and image quality, but acts on the space environment.

Provide a specific frequency to improve sound quality and picture quality, Schumann wave 7.83Hz to offset electromagnetic wave radio

The frequency of the negative interference of the wave makes the reverb of the sound space stable and harmonious, so that the listener can be more attentive and happy

Enjoy music to relax the body and mind, improve the human body’s perception of sounds and images, and improve the human body’s

Health improves the efficiency of work creation, and also has a good effect on insomnia, mental stress, etc.

With the crystal pyramid, the effect is better!!

Crystal pyramid


Product Specifications:

Name: Schumann wave resonance generator

Specifications: 150 * 120 * 45mm wooden box version

Voltage: DC 12V current: 1A

Adapter applicable voltage: 100V-240V global universal (default double flat foot plug, optional European standard, British standard)

Product accessories: wooden standard with 12V DC power adapter.

Coil:Scalar Coil (not same with other devices,Generate scalar waves instead of electromagnetic waves)

Remarks: All core electronic components are imported from the original.

Price:$88 +shipping cost (Paypal + UPS)

only circuit $30 +shipping cost (Paypal + UPS)

Schumann frequency scalar wave generator update(picture and video)


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