China RPX VS US RPX 中国rpx 与美国的rpx对比

它主要分析了RPX的原理和Rife设备的原理,美国RPX的缺陷以及我目前制造的多波Rife设备的原理的来源。 大量实验证明,仅非对称波形可以有效治疗,而对称方波或正弦波则无效。 RPX的原理与法国科学处理设备的原理无关。 P可以理解为泵浦波或DC偏置,只是为了增加穿透力和与舒曼波的共振。

It mainly analyzes the principle of RPX and the principle of rife equipment, the defects of US RPX, and the source of the principle of the multi-wave rife equipment I currently make. A large number of experiments have proven that only asymmetric waveforms can be effective for treatment, while symmetrical square or sine waves are not effective. The principle of RPX has nothing to do with the principle of French scientific treatment equipment. P can be understood as pump wave or DC bias, just to increase penetration and resonance with Schumann wave.




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