hand electrodes multiwave mixing RIFE machine癌症治疗仪

NO NEED SELECT frequency or sweep,The world’s most advanced frequency therapy apparatus/RIFE MACHINE,Instant kill pathogens!It’s not just a rife-like therapy device, its carrier frequency is 3MHZ, its harmonics cover almost all pathogen frequencies, it is more efficient and more convenient than traditional rife machines, you don’t have to work hard to find the frequency and worry about whether Effective, this device saves you time and is guaranteed to be effective, everything is confirmed under the microscope.http://www.zyneng.com/?p=1871



Current around 100ua-200ua ,12.6VDC

The international price is $2500 or the euro。Cancer  patients will have a 50% discount on purchases, and they need to provide real identity information and a medical certificate ( photo of the ID card and diagnosis)













  • (一)我该使用什么模式


  • (二)我该选择什么时间使用





  • (三)我该选择什么电极使用



  • (四)注意事项


  • (五)多久能观察到起作用








First, the introduction

The therapeutic instrument was further optimized according to the model developed by the late American scientists in 1934 and 1984. The purpose of modulating the pathogens in vivo by modulating special waveforms with harmful bacteria and viruses in the body.

Second, product characteristics

The detailed features are as follows:

Multi-wave hybrid modulation, full coverage, quick effect, no need to sweep, the world’s first!

Work with red LED light indication

12V DC power supply, safer

Convenient self-adhesive electrode

The output uses a 3.5mm jack that matches most of the electrodes sold on the market.

Third, the instructions for use

(a) What mode should I use?
There is currently only one mode that covers more than 90% of the bacterial virus frequency and does not require a selection mode.

(2) When should I choose to use?
It can be used at any time of the day. The use time is at least half an hour.

According to the purpose of use, the number of uses per week is as follows:

Health care purposes 1 to 2 times a week

Treatment purpose 3 to 4 times a week

(3) What electrode should I choose?
The main difference between the hand-held electrode and the self-adhesive electrode is that the service life of the two electrodes is different, the service life of the hand-held electrode is long, and the service life of the self-adhesive electrode is about 20 times. The self-adhesive electrode is convenient for use on the lesion site, and can also be used instead of the hand-held electrode, and only needs to be stuck on both sides of the lesion or on both hands.

When the electrodes are in the hands, the treatment is mainly for the upper body. When the electrodes are on both feet, the treatment is mainly for the lower body. When the electrode is located in the lesion, it is mainly targeted to the lesion. After repeated verification, the sterilizing ability of the positive electrode is greater than that of the negative electrode, and only the positive electrode can be connected to the lesion site for treatment (true no current treatment without any side effects).

(four) matters needing attention
The body’s conductivity can be improved by cleaning the hands or the lesions before use. Drink 200ml of purified water or commercially available distilled water as much as possible after each use to facilitate detoxification. Patients should not eat sweet or high-sugar-containing fruits (glucose provides energy for pathogens), eat less foods with additives, and supplement vitamin C and protein in an appropriate amount (for body recovery), and conditionally allow appropriate oxygen (most pathogens) Both are anaerobic).

(5) How long can it be observed to work?
After 3 times of general use, I can detect that my condition has improved. I can go to the hospital for a course of treatment (one month).

Recommendations for cancer patients

Generally, cancer is caused by living environment and living habits. Once you have cancer, you must first think about your living environment and your living habits. Here are some suggestions for living environment and habits:

1. Clean the living room and clean the household items.

2, clean yourself

3, clean the tableware for eating, eat food made from natural ingredients, avoid eating all kinds of ingredients and food purchased from the supermarket (both containing various chemical additives).

4, go to bed early and stay up to maintain an optimistic attitude

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