Bedini 10A12 Teslacharger kit video update

Bedini 10A12 Teslacharger kit ,base on which he sell ,Similar to 2a12v charger,use 18v 150w transformer,more power!

Bedini charger 10A12 Teslacharger PCB

Base on which Bedini charger 10A12,and his patent。I have redesigned the circuit board,and prepare to sell this kit。

Bedini Teslacharger 10A12V Picture update

The following is the picture after disassembling the 10A12V teslacharger。 The next step is to crack this charger circuit and make a new circuit.   

Ferris Wheel-Bedini Cole circuit kit update video

Ferris Wheel-Bedini Cole circuit kit窗口电机 SSG电机驱动电路板

Bedini large comparator kit video

Bedini large comparator kit video ,it is same with bedini’s original version。

Bedini tesla switch advanced circuit introduce video

Bedini tesla switch advanced circuit base on the EFTV DVD 38B,8 15000uf capacitors, 12 Irfp260N FETs, charging and discharging frequency 1hz.According to the introduction in bedini ‘s video, cop=2—4。  

Bedini tesla switch update特斯拉开关电路更新

Bedini tesla switch circuit update,two mode for chance。one is same with bedini‘s vedio,one is same with original circuit。the circuit of bedini‘s vedio have some different with original,so two leds of his circuit is not lighted。

Ferris Wheel-Bedini Cole circuit update

上面发电线圈电路详解,pcb上面的二极管整流桥被SKB50/12整流桥替代,SKB整流器输出接到整个设备下面的电容部分,以用来为充电电池组充电。 而设备下部三个大线圈的驱动电路则是用的5对三极管,可以根据需要改成全桥驱动,因为目前显示的电路是一个半桥电路,只要把两个半桥电路结合起来就是一个全桥电路,很简单! 电路部分详见

标量电池充电器Scalar battery charger

这个电路是对bedini Scalar battery charger电路的完善,开关三极管选用2个并联,提高过电流能力,同时增加了感性负载的位置,并可以用来回收感性负载的磁能用来为供电电池充电,并同时为额外的负载提供电能(例如LED或者直流电机)。 This circuit is a perfection of the Bedini Scalar battery charger circuit. Two switching transistors are used in parallel to increase the overcurrent capability and increase the position of the inductive load. It can also be used to recover the magnetic energy of the inductive load to charge the battery and simultaneously […]

维克多·格林本尼科夫(Viktor GREBENNIKOV) 腔结构效应与昆虫反重力

昆虫隐身性引起的生物抗引诱的自然现象 和 格列本尼科夫的空腔结构效应 Viktor S. Grebennikov died in the spring of 2001. The eternal memory of this uncommon scientist-naturalist will remain in our hearts. Introduction by Juri N. Cherednichenko (Laboratory of biophysics Scientific Research Institute of General Pathology and Human Ecology SB Russian Ac. Med. Sci. Novosibirsk-city): Viktor S. Grebennikov is the scientist-naturalist, professional entomologist, gifted painter […]

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