We believe in the harmonic wholeness of the ecosphere. We believe that that harmonic wholeness is achievable through the application of positive cosmic energies.

Cosmic energy is available for use in attaining that harmonic wholeness. CosmiCulture is a system for gathering, amplifying. and redistributing that cosmic energy for the ultimate benefit of all mankind.

No single entity. within this ecosphere,can be singled out for mphasis, either to be reduced or enhanced at the expense of the whole. Disease, unwanted insects, undesirable plants (called weeds) are simply indications of conditions, in that environment. condusive to their existance at a particular time and place. Change those conditions by enhancing the environment for the desirable. and the reason for the undesirable c.ases to exi~t. Reagents are incorporated within the CosmiCulture system that will,at once,enhance the vitality of the desirable and reduce the vitality of the undesirable.

Our QUALITY of LIFE is dependent upon CLEAN thoughts, words. and deeds, as well as food and fiber,uncontaminated by poisons, excesses. and confus ion.A high quality of life for all mankind is our goal.



宇宙能量可用于实现该谐波完整性。 CosmiCulture是一个用于收集,放大的系统。并将宇宙能量重新分配给全人类的最终利益。



T. Galen Hieronymus博士


The test procedure is simple enough. Take a clear test tube and insert a piece of sterilized cotton saturated with distilled water. Put a bean or pea in the initial stage of germination inside the tube and seal it carefully with a glass stopper and wax, making it absolutely airtight and moistureproof. If we compare the weight in a few weeks hence, (after the seed inside has sprouted), we will find a considerable gain of weight which simply cannot be explained by contemporary physical laws or theories. The gain can be demonstrated with even a small letterscale, no laboratory precision scale is needed.
But a follow-on test is even more revealing. A careful chemical analysis of the seed which has sprouted in the sterile environment of the sealed test tube as compared with an iden- ( tical seed will prove the sudden appearance of new chemical elements in the sprout which also cannot be logically explained by contemporary textbook science. The mineral substances found in the sprouting seed will show a gain of 20 to 1007. over the identical seed before the test. We know the tube was sterile, the water was distilled and contained no minerals, and no mineral substance can penetrate the glass wall of the testtube.

The only logical explanation for these surprising results is of course the assumption of the existence of formative or “Etheric forces” which are able to penetrate the molecular barrier of the material of the testtube. We are again confronted with the “finer media”{ postulated by the esteemed Dr. Hieronymus.Around 1879, a German scientist named Von Herzeele had proved in more than 500 analysis that the mineral substances thus found in organic substances originate in a way comparable to alchemist ic procedures. His published claims so out-raged the scientific-materialistic oligarchy of his day that his writings vanished from the libraries (shades of Dr. Wilhelm Reich!) it took a student of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a medical doctor named Dr. Rudolf Hauschka many years of intensive efforts to locate the writings of Von Herzeele in an obscure small library in Berlin. Shortly after WW2, Dr. Hauchka proceeded to republish his own findings and he immediately received a joyous response in a letter from a Monsieur Spindler in France, reporting jubilantly that he too, had independently, come to identical experimental conclusions as Dr. Hauschka.

From: “The Case For Radionics”
By: Dr. Rolf Schaffranke



对于这些令人惊讶的结果的唯一合乎逻辑的解释当然是假设存在能够穿透试管材料的分子屏障的形成力或“以太力”。我们再次遇到了受尊敬的希耶洛缪纳斯博士所假设的“更精细的媒体”。大约在1879年,德国科学家冯·赫泽勒(Von Herzeele)在500多次分析中证明,在有机物质中发现的矿物质源自与炼金术士的程序。他公开发表的声明对当时的科学唯物主义寡头大为恼火,以至于他的著作从图书馆中消失了(威廉·赖希博士的影子!),鲁道夫·施泰纳博士的学生,一位名叫鲁道夫·豪施卡博士的医学博士被带走了。多年的不懈努力,将冯·赫泽勒(Von Herzeele)的作品放在柏林一个不起眼的小型图书馆中。第二次世界大战后不久,豪奇卡博士开始重新发表自己的发现,他立即收到法国史宾德勒先生的一封信,得到了欢乐的回应,他高兴地报告说,他也独立地得出了与豪斯卡博士相同的实验结论。

作者:Rolf Schaffranke博士



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