Bedini 4-wave mixing machine for sale

Because so far, I’ve found that no one on the Internet can successfully replicate the Bedini four-wave hybrid machine, and its effect is better than RPX。so I decided to sell the machine I made, each of which was confirmed by a microscope.

The machine contains a 3.5mm Jack to facilitate your use of therapeutic electrodes.
Or an experiment. The inner part of the machine is sealed with resin to ensure that the internal circuit will not be damaged during transportation, and the outer shell of the machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable.
The price is $600, including postage(UPS)。


Some people think that the frequency of this device is too low to kill more bacterial viruses. This is wrong, because the harmonics of this device can reach more than a few Mhz, and most people with this idea have a little knowledge of the technology. It is believed that only high frequency carriers like RIFE can effectively kill bacterial viruses,This is completely wrong.

If you buy more than one, I’ll give you a good price!

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