Recently product will be updated!

Last two mouths,the products has been launched include: […]

hand electrodes rife machine and 4-wave mixing machine二合一癌症治疗仪

POWER INPUT:12V DC 6A BOX SIZE :Length 20CM×width 27cm× […]

U.K.A.C.O machine,Quantum agricultural equipment for sale

Bio-harmonics、U.K.A.C.O machine,Quantum agricultural eq […]


大脑同步器,治疗或者缓解压力、紧张、失眠、疼痛、抑郁、烟瘾、毒瘾、多动、注意力不集中、记忆力衰退等症状,保持大 […]

BobBeck Brain Tuner Patients use大脑调谐器

严重失眠患者第一次使用Brain tuner,治疗时间30分钟,模式0.5hz调制,使用后有发现患者出现打哈欠 […]

BOB BECK Brain tuner,my designed

My designed ukaco machine,Quantum agricultural equipment

Rife device test carrier frequency 3.125mhz

this rife device use carrier 3.125mhz,audio frequency 1 […]

Bedini Rife machine/RPX circuit in the book&DVD for sale

This double sided circuit board is designed base on bed […]


原文地址: […]

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