China RPX V3.0 Bluetooth version(Rife machine)

NEW China RPX V3.0 is  RPX V2.0 update Bluetooth version(Rife machine),Its basic principle is based on bedini’s RPX  (Rife-Priore-Bedini)books and videos, and has been improved through many actual biological experiments to verify its effect. The specific features are as follows: Power supply voltage: 12V battery or power supply There are many kinds of carrier frequency […]

Rife machine M.O.P.A. for sale ,more output power than GB4000 MOPA

The basic principle of the MOPA I made is the same as the GB4000 MOPA, but the plasma tube can output more power. The following are the differences from GB4000 MOPA: 1.The output power of the plasma tube is greater than the GB4000 MOPA, whether it is the length between the tube electrodes or the […]

Rife machine plasma tube for sale

SIZE:5cm in diameter, 60cm in length Material: Quartz glass Gas: Helium Price of rife plasma tube is $250,free shipping.

Air core coil for Bob beck Magnetic Pulser

Air core coil for Bob beck Magnetic Pulser,The link bob beck Magnetic pulser circuit for sale Parameter Outer diameter: 6.5cm Inner diameter: 4cm Height: 2.7cm Inductance: 2.2mH Wire diameter: 1.2mm Price:$25+shipping cost

FEELTECH FY6300 signal generator

we provide  the latest signal generator FY6300 from feeltech company is 15Mhz / 20Mhz / 30Mhz / 40Mhz / 50Mhz. they are better than FY2300.The prices are $ 120 / $ 130 / $ 150 / $ 170 / $ 190.If you need FY2300, it’s $ 5 less than FY6300 The main differences between FY6300 […]

定制、破解电路、修理(自由能源,电疗)Customized and cracked circuits (free energy, electrotherapy)

定制、破解电路、修理(自由能源,电疗),根据电路难易程度收费,价格500人民币起步。定制电路请提出相关功能或参数,破解或者复制电路请提供完整电路、配件和说明。 Customized and cracked、repair circuits (free energy, electrotherapy), charged according to the difficulty of the circuit, starting at 100 $. Please provide related functions or parameters for custom circuits, and provide complete circuits, accessories and instructions for cracked or copied circuits.  

China RPX V2.0 (Rife machine)

BEDINI RPX V2.0  SIDEBAND GENERATOR(Rife machine) NEW China RPX is not US version,Its basic principle is based on bedini’s RPX (Rife-Priore-Bedini) books and videos, and has been improved through many actual biological experiments to verify its effect. The specific features are as follows: Power supply voltage: 12V battery or power supply There are many kinds of carrier […]

bob beck Magnetic pulser circuit for sale

bob beck Magnetic pulser circuit,base on SOTA MP6.Two mode:fast (6s/time)and slow(1s/time) mode,photo flash cap is 600uf 450V. the circuit didnt contain the input power and output coil and Installation box。 The fitting parameters: input power 12v 1.5A/2A coil:2.2mH, Air core coil for Bob beck Magnetic Pulser circuit size:10cm*10cm*7cm price:$200 + shipping cost(UPS),more than 10 pcs $100/pcs and free shipping. contact […]

Bedini 4-wave mixing machine for sale

Because so far, I’ve found that no one on the Internet can successfully replicate the Bedini four-wave hybrid machine, and its effect is better than RPX。so I decided to sell the machine I made, each of which was confirmed by a microscope. The machine contains a 3.5mm Jack to facilitate your use of therapeutic electrodes. […]


从历史上看,多波振荡器设备在1930年代到1980年代后期在欧洲被医生用于电疗。如今,随着脉冲电场和射频信号的生物活性效应研究的进展,人们对历史装置产生了新的兴趣,这些装置已被证明对某些类型的疾病有益,这些疾病即使在今天也难以治愈。 我们生产了一款质量上乘的Lakhovsky MWO重型复制品,它在每个重要方面(频率含量,输出功率,信号包络,相位反转,同心天线等)几乎与最初生产的原始多波振荡器型号BV2相同。 1933年和1940年。我们作为指南使用的技术规范是基于在Tony Kerselaers和Bruno Sacco出版的电子书“Lakhovsky多波振荡器秘密”中发表的三部历史Lakhovsky振荡器的综合逆向工程报告中的详细信息。 ( “The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Secrets Revealed” ) 数十年来,许多文献中已经多次提到了多波振荡器设备。但是,技术细节和规格在很大程度上是未知的。已经有许多值得注意的尝试,仅基于一般描述推断出Lakhovsky博士的多波振荡器设计。然而,这些仅基于有根据的猜测,并且在许多情况下,这样的设计显着偏离了原始设计,导致具有可疑生物活性特性的装置。关于Lakhovsky多波振荡器的生物活性效应和各种疾病的临床治疗的最全面的实践和理论研究发表在Tony Kerselaers的电子书“暴露于多波振荡场的生物效应”中,揭示了多波振荡器如何影响生物体。“Biological Effects of Exposure to Multiple Wave Oscillator Fields” 详细价格联系邮箱 For more information and price quotations, please contact us by email. Multi Wave Oscillator:我们如何制造我们的重型模型 生产要求 在制造重型功能复制品时,我们需要满足以下几个要求: 1.历史规范内的设备操作 2.与原始多波振荡器BV2型号相同的开口谐振器天线 3.所有组件能够每天可靠运行数小时 4.能够在220 V / 50 Hz电力系统上运行 5.坚固耐用的外壳,采用现代化设计 6.与历史设备相比,提高了安全水平 7.最小化引入电源的EMI / RFI干扰 我们的Multi […]

hand electrodes multiwave mixing RIFE machine癌症治疗仪

NO NEED SELECT frequency or sweep,The world’s most advanced frequency therapy apparatus/RIFE MACHINE,Instant kill pathogens!It’s not just a rife-like therapy device, its carrier frequency is 3MHZ, its harmonics cover almost all pathogen frequencies, it is more efficient and more convenient than traditional rife machines, you don’t have to work hard to find the frequency and […]

Bob Beck Brain Tuner for sale 失眠治疗仪

Bob Beck Brain Tuner Features: Power supply: 9V battery Color: option 1 white+orange, option 2  black+gray Frequency mode: Option 1: Three modes MODE 1-3 (550 uS pulse width) Mode 1: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, Output = 1 Second ON, 1 Second OFF (0.5 Hz) Mode 2: 1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, Output […]

China Rife machine,your affordable rife machine

China Rife machine is a self contained 250 Watt R.I.F.E. research machine Featuring a 60cmx 50mm Neon filled quartz Plasma Bulb 。the carrier frequency is 1.544mhz/3.125mhz,is very Close to the BX/BY virus frequency。 Price of rife machine is $2200,free shipping. Payment:Paypal Shipping:DHL,UPS.7-10 days later will be sent after pay。 contract

Bedini Rife machine/RPX circuit in the book&DVD for sale

This double sided circuit board is designed base on bedini RPX circuit in the book&DVD.the PCB price is 40$ or 40€the the shipping price is 25$ or 25€(Shipping method DHL or UPS). Payment with Paypal:€40or$40 one piece pcb  (no stock) Order RPX V2.0: shipping method:DHL 4 to 5 days arrived €25or$25 contact me 国内

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