bob beck Magnetic pulser circuit for sale

bob beck Magnetic pulser circuit,base on SOTA MP6.Two m […]

Bedini 4-wave mixing machine for sale

Because so far, I’ve found that no one on the Int […]


从历史上看,多波振荡器设备在1930年代到1980年代后期在欧洲被医生用于电疗。如今,随着脉冲电场和射频信号的 […]

hand electrodes multiwave mixing RIFE machine癌症治疗仪

NO NEED SELECT frequency or sweep,The world’s mos […]

BOB BECK BRAIN TUNER for sale 失眠治疗仪

It include 3 models,0.5Hz 、7.8hz、 10hz,output impedance […]

China Rife machine,your affordable rife machine

China Rife machine is a self contained 250 Watt R. […]

Bedini Rife machine/RPX circuit in the book&DVD for sale

This double sided circuit board is designed base on bed […]

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