Battery Capacity Tester,Computer control,Can see the discharge curve

Features Performs battery capacity, discharging and pow […]

Bedini SG handbook,advanced book,beyond advanced for sale

Bedini SG handbook include ebook and videos。 Details ar […]

Disc type coreless permanent magnet generator high power

Generator size: 185 x185 Generator shaft: 20mm Generato […]

Bluetooth version of music Tesla coil

Price:$100+shipping cost Advantag […]

Rodin coil ,Pumpkin coil,ABHA coil

100mm outer diameter, 30mm inner diameter, 12 scales, 1 […]

定制、破解电路、修理(自由能源,电疗)Customized and cracked circuits (free energy, electrotherapy)

定制、破解电路、修理(自由能源,电疗),根据电路难易程度收费,价格500人民币起步。定制电路请提出相关功能或参 […]

32 Transistors Bedini SG board

New bedini sg board can install 32 MJL21194 transistors […]

Tesla switch Advanced Circuit at the end of the video EFTV38

The basic functions of this part of the circuit have be […]

bedini 2A12 teslacharger pcb and kit for sale

This double sided circuit board is designed base on bed […]

3D Printed EZ Spin Motor For sale

The kit have 3D printed frame、12 coils、Maglev bearing、r […]

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