Battery Capacity Tester,Computer control,Can see the discharge curve

Features Performs battery capacity, discharging and power performance tests Supports up to 30V/20A/200W Digital display of test data (voltage, current, capacity, time, power, energy) Four-wire connection method Built-in Fan for better heat dissipation Measurement representation through PC software Specifications Power Supply: DC 12V/1A Voltage Setting: 0.00-30.00V, minimum step is 0.01V Current Setting: 0.1-20.00A, minimum step […]

Bedini SG handbook,advanced book,beyond advanced for sale

Bedini SG handbook include ebook and videos。 Details are as follows 1.Bedini SG The Complete Beginner’s Handbook (one PDF Ebook) 2.Bedini SG The Complete Intermediate Handbook(one PDF Ebook) 3.Bedini SG The Complete Advanced Handbook(one PDF Ebook,one video) 4.Bedini SG Beyond The Advanced Handbook(one PDF Ebook,one video) Four in one ,price is $15, Contact NOTE:After PayPal […]

Disc type coreless permanent magnet generator high power

Generator size: 185 x185 Generator shaft: 20mm Generator rotor: 16 pairs of poles,N52 magnet Generator coil: 12 coils, wire diameter 1.18mm Generator power: 1450w Generator speed: 100-1500 Generator voltage: 1-110v Generator current: 1-38A Generator shell: Acrylic or steel plate Price:$400+shipping cost, For multi-disk generator, please inquiry Generator size: 185 x185 Generator shaft: 20mm Generator rotor: […]

Bluetooth version of music Tesla coil

Price:$100+shipping cost Advantage 1: The mobile phone can be connected to a Tesla coil to play music in a space of about 10 meters, and is no longer bound by the audio cable. Advantage 2: Because the mobile phone and the Tesla coil are connected by Bluetooth, the absolute safety of the mobile phone […]

Rodin coil ,Pumpkin coil,ABHA coil

100mm outer diameter, 30mm inner diameter, 12 scales, 12 cards。 copper wires 0.8mm×8+0.53×1 Price:$100+shipping cost(UPS)

定制、破解电路、修理(自由能源,电疗)Customized and cracked circuits (free energy, electrotherapy)

定制、破解电路、修理(自由能源,电疗),根据电路难易程度收费,价格500人民币起步。定制电路请提出相关功能或参数,破解或者复制电路请提供完整电路、配件和说明。 Customized and cracked、repair circuits (free energy, electrotherapy), charged according to the difficulty of the circuit, starting at 100 $. Please provide related functions or parameters for custom circuits, and provide complete circuits, accessories and instructions for cracked or copied circuits.  

32 Transistors Bedini SG board

New bedini sg board can install 32 MJL21194 transistors,and Use TVS diode instead of neon bulb,there is no loss 。 Price:PCB $40 / piece+shipping cost  (PayPal +UPS) contact

Tesla switch Advanced Circuit at the end of the video EFTV38

The basic functions of this part of the circuit have been realized, 8 15000uf capacitors, 12 Irfp260N FETs, charging and discharging frequency 1hz.The entire circuit is similar to the 2a12v charger, with the addition of overheat protection。YOU CAN ALSO CUSTOM THE CIRCUIT. the price is $600 + shipping cost payment:Paypal shipping:UPS       […]

bedini 2A12 teslacharger pcb and kit for sale

This double sided circuit board is designed base on bedini 2A12 teslacharger circuit.the PCB price is 75$ or 75€,The electronics price is 35$,the the shipping price is 35$ or 35€(Shipping method DHL). Payment with Paypal:€75or$75 one piece pcb,€35or$35 for The electronics(not include box and alligator,AC/DC Switching adapter) shipping method:DHL 4 to 5 days arrived €35or$35 contact me […]

3D Printed EZ Spin Motor For sale

The kit have 3D printed frame、12 coils、Maglev bearing、reed and so on。use reed for switch,current is very low,a bolt under the device is used for adjust the Maglev bearing。  Payment with Paypal :$200 or €200 one kit shipping method:DHL $50 or €50 contact    

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