Rife machine M.O.P.A. for sale ,more output power than GB4000 MOPA

The basic principle of the MOPA I made is the same as the GB4000 MOPA, but the plasma tube can output more power. The following are the differences from GB4000 MOPA: 1.The working current of my device is less than 175mA, because the maximum working current of the 812A tube is 175mA. Exceeding this current […]

812A tube for MOPA

812A tube for MOPA Price: $50+shipping cost(UPS)

RF choke 2.5mH 200ma

RF choke 2.5mH 200ma Price: $25/one piece +shipping cost(UPS)

High voltage rectifier circuit and Audio amplifier switch circuit for MOPA

Two circuit are designed for Rife GB4000 MOPA。 Price:High voltage rectifier circuit for MOPA  $100 /one piece Audio amplifier switch circuit for MOPA   $200 /one piece Buy two   $250 Shipping cost: $35  (UPS) High voltage rectifier circuit for MOPA   Audio amplifier switch circuit for MOPA

FY6900 Signal Generator(Desktop device)

Product Introduction This manual applies to each model of FY6900series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator. The last three characters of the model indicate the up limit output of Sine Wave (MHz). For example, the “60M” of the Model Number “FY6900-60M” indicates the Sine wave maximum output frequency is up to 60MHz.  FY6900series Dual-channel Function / Arbitrary waveform generator is a set of Function […]

Rife machine plasma tube for sale

SIZE:5cm in diameter, 60cm in length Material: Quartz glass Gas: Helium Price of rife plasma tube is $250,free shipping.

Air core coil for Bob beck Magnetic Pulser

Air core coil for Bob beck Magnetic Pulser,The link bob beck Magnetic pulser circuit for sale Parameter Outer diameter: 6.5cm Inner diameter: 4cm Height: 2.7cm Inductance: 2.2mH Wire diameter: 1.2mm Price:$25+shipping cost

Battery Capacity Tester,Computer control,Can see the discharge curve

Features Performs battery capacity, discharging and power performance tests Supports up to 30V/20A/200W Digital display of test data (voltage, current, capacity, time, power, energy) Four-wire connection method Built-in Fan for better heat dissipation Measurement representation through PC software Specifications Power Supply: DC 12V/1A Voltage Setting: 0.00-30.00V, minimum step is 0.01V Current Setting: 0.1-20.00A, minimum step […]

Crystal pyramid

Crystal pyramid Parameters and prices Side length 5cm              $ 25 Side length 10cm            $ 150 Side length 16cm            $ 500 With Schumann wave resonance generator, the effect is better。 Schumann wave resonance generator

Schumann wave resonance generator,Scalar wave

Schumann wave resonance generator 1Used in audio-visual space-improve sound field and audio-visual effects 2Used in the bedroom-to help sleep and calm the mind, treat insomnia 3Used in the office-relax and improve work efficiency 4Used in creative space-to increase creative inspiration 5Used for tea ceremony, spiritual cultivation, Zen enlightenment space-retreating body and mind Schumann wave itself […]

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