Next Discount time December 12, 2020

December 12, 2020  Big deals up to 50% off coming Buy 1-4 units to enjoy 20% discount!(all products) 5台以内8折 Buy 5 or more to enjoy 50% discount!(Does not include plasma rife machine.) 5台及以上5折

China RPX V3.0 Bluetooth version

NEW China RPX V3.0 is  RPX V2.0 update Bluetooth version,Its basic principle is based on bedini’s RPX books and videos, and has been improved through many actual biological experiments to verify its effect. The specific features are as follows: Power supply voltage: 12V battery or power supply There are many kinds of carrier frequency to […]

bedini 10A12 teslacharger kit for sale

Base on which Bedini charger 10A12,and his patent。 price :$200 +shipping cost Bedini charger 10A12 Teslacharger PCB Bedini Teslacharger 10A12V Picture update

Rife machine M.O.P.A. for sale ,more output power than GB4000 MOPA

The basic principle of the MOPA I made is the same as the GB4000 MOPA, but the plasma tube can output more power. The following are the differences from GB4000 MOPA: 1.The working current of my device is less than 175mA, because the maximum working current of the 812A tube is 175mA. Exceeding this current […]

812A tube for MOPA

812A tube for MOPA Price: $50+shipping cost(UPS)

RF choke 2.5mH 200ma

RF choke 2.5mH 200ma Price: $25/one piece +shipping cost(UPS)

High voltage rectifier circuit and Audio amplifier switch circuit for MOPA

Two circuit are designed for Rife GB4000 MOPA。 Price:High voltage rectifier circuit for MOPA  $100 /one piece Audio amplifier switch circuit for MOPA   $200 /one piece Buy two   $250 Shipping cost: $35  (UPS) High voltage rectifier circuit for MOPA   Audio amplifier switch circuit for MOPA

FY6900 Signal Generator(Desktop device)

Product Introduction This manual applies to each model of FY6900series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator. The last three characters of the model indicate the up limit output of Sine Wave (MHz). For example, the “60M” of the Model Number “FY6900-60M” indicates the Sine wave maximum output frequency is up to 60MHz.  FY6900series Dual-channel Function / Arbitrary waveform generator is a set of Function […]

Rife machine plasma tube for sale

SIZE:5cm in diameter, 60cm in length Material: Quartz glass Gas: Helium Price of rife plasma tube is $250,free shipping.

Air core coil for Bob beck Magnetic Pulser

Air core coil for Bob beck Magnetic Pulser,The link bob beck Magnetic pulser circuit for sale Parameter Outer diameter: 6.5cm Inner diameter: 4cm Height: 2.7cm Inductance: 2.2mH Wire diameter: 1.2mm Price:$25+shipping cost

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