Rife machine plasma tube for sale

SIZE:5cm in diameter, 60cm in length Material: Quartz g […]

Air core coil for Bob beck Magnetic Pulser

Air core coil for Bob beck Magnetic Pulser,The link bob […]

Battery Capacity Tester,Computer control,Can see the discharge curve

Features Performs battery capacity, discharging and pow […]

Crystal pyramid

Crystal pyramid Parameters and prices Side length 5cm  […]

Schumann wave resonance generator,Scalar wave

Schumann wave resonance generator 1Used in audio-visual […]

Bedini SG handbook,advanced book,beyond advanced for sale

Bedini SG handbook include ebook and videos。 Details ar […]

24V HHO Gnenerator Kit

Price:$550+shipping cost,only 24V HHO Generator $380 1. […]

12V HHO Generator Kit

Price:$400+shipping cost,only 12V HHO Generator $280 1. […]

Disc type coreless permanent magnet generator high power

Generator size: 185 x185 Generator shaft: 20mm Generato […]

Bluetooth version of music Tesla coil

Price:$100+shipping cost Email:42451193@qq.com Advantag […]

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