Air purifier ozone ultraviolet negative ion

This air purifier uses a built-in UVC light source, which is safe and leak-free. It produces 35mg ozone per hour. It uses a 7-blade silent fan and a three-dimensional air duct to quickly sterilize the indoor air through the built-in ultraviolet rays. The killing rate of influenza viruses and coronaviruses As high as 99%. Parameter: […]

Water Ozonator O3

The Water Ozonator produces freshly-ozonated water. The fresh taste and extra oxygen are an energizing way to hydrate your body. Ozone can also be used to purify air, fruits and vegetables, water, clothing, and prevent influenza and new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19). Product parameters: Power supply: 220V Power: 25W Ozone output: 400mg / h Support wall […]

Household negative ion generator

Power supply: 220V Power: 10W Number of negative ions: 200 million pcs / cm3, International highest! Silent: less than 22dB color: White Size: 100 × 100 × 180mm Suitable area: 40-60 square meters Price:$50+shipping cost(UPS)    

Negative ion generator for vehicle

1. Configuration: Aluminum alloy body, 8 million negative ion generator, Micro USB input, dual USB extended output interface. 2. Product function: 1. Purification: Eliminate smog PM2.5, car odor, smoke, TVOC, sterilization,Flu prevention. 2. Negative ions are called natural oxidation, which can refresh your mind and relieve driving fatigue. 3. Dual usb extended output interface can […]

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