bedini SG 8 Transistor board for sale贝迪尼SG8三极管电路板出售

Bedini SG 8 Transistor Board 8三极管贝迪尼sg电路板,优质大板,预留散热片安装孔位,接线部位设计大焊盘以便安装螺栓和接线柱。本款仅是电路板,不含电子原件,随板附送安装说明。购买通道:国内


This double sided circuit board is designed for up to 8 Bedini SG circuits.the PCB price is 40$ or 40€,The electronics price is 100$,the the shipping price is 25$ or 25€(Shipping method DHL).

Payment with Paypal:€40or$40 one piece pcb,€100or$100 for The electronics

shipping method:DHL 4 to 5 days arrived €25or$25

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The PCB includes the following:

  1. 1 x Circuit Board (PCB)
  2. Complete circuit schematic

The electronics you will purchase additionally in your local shop in the following:

  1. 8 x matched MJL21194 transistors
  2. 8 x transistor thermal pads
  3. 2 x aluminum heat sinks with screws 100L*35H*10W
  4. 16 x 1N4007
  5. 8 x 470 ohm 1W resistors
  6. 1 x 12 ohm 10W resistor
  7. 8 x Neon bulbs
  8. 8 x 4.7K ohm 1/4W resistors
  9. 14×M4 bolt
  10. Extensive pictorial assembly instructions with parts recommendations and tuning instructions

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