rife machine kill microorganisms video update


Rife MOPA panel and overall introduction. Similar to GB4000 MOPA.Video update 

video update 

1.544MHz carrier frequency Rife machine

Design and customization for German customers。 YouTube video  

GB4000 MOPA Rife Machine Improve,more power output

youtube video

800KHz plasma rife machine video update

GB4000 MOPA Rife Machine Copy Successfully

youtube video

800KHz carrier frequency plasma Rife machine

Carrier frequency: 800KHz Audio frequency:2KHz-100KHz INPUT : 100V     about 1A

Rife GB4000 MOPA replicate

812A tube   High voltage rectifier circuit for MOPA     Audio amplifier switch circuit for MOPA

Rife GB4000 MOPA Pictures

Schumann frequency scalar wave generator update(picture and video)

Two coil designs, one is square and one is spiral. Both coils are scalar coil designs, and the magnetic fields cancel each other out.Purchase link: Schumann wave resonance generator,Scalar wave

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